595: Joi Ito | How to Survive Our Faster Future


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Joi Ito (@joi) is the director of the MIT Media Lab, a professor of practice in media arts and sciences at MIT, and co-author of Whiplash: How to Survive Our Faster Future. [Photo by Andy Ryan]

"Education is what people do to you, and learning is what you do to yourself." -Joi Ito

The Cheat Sheet:
  • How does someone who dropped out of college three times wind up directing a lab at MIT?
  • The pros and cons of formal learning vs. informal learning.
  • Why does diversity make for better problem solving?
  • What's the secret to building a deep and diverse network?
  • What do running a World of Warcraft guild and spinning records as a club DJ have to do with motivating groups and accomplishing big goals?
  • And so much more...

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