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Learn it, live it and give it.

"If you focus on serving others it adds purpose to your life." -Jairek Robbins

The Cheat Sheet:
  • What drives most high achievers?
  • What is the archetype of the "do next" person and why should you care?
  • Think winning the lotto will make you happy? Jairek shares a study that says it wouldn't.
  • Can you fall in love with hard work?
  • How does Jairek build his mind set?
  • And so much more...

One of the most common struggles we all face is finding our purpose. Even some of the most accomplished people in the world don't have purpose. And our guest for today has met and worked with them.

Jairek Robbins joins us to talk about how to find happiness through purpose and discuss his book, Live It. We dive into those topics and more on episode 379 of The Art of Charm.

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More About This Show:

Jairek Robbins is no stranger to accomplishments and never has been. In his early 20s he earned a Congressional award gold medal for his achievements as a youth. Today in his coaching business he works with leaders to help them find purpose and happiness.

On this episode we talk about why the drive to accomplishment is often based in an unhealthy desire for approval or a need to heal pain felt early in life.

He shares stories of people who have had all the money and success anyone could dream of, but they were utterly miserable because they had no purpose. They thought money and success could win them the approval they desired, or heal that hurt from the past. And when it doesn't, they realize something is missing. Jairek helps them find that missing piece and add it to their lives.

One of the exercises he suggests we all do is to find out if there's something missing in our lives is to check if our priorities are in alignment with how we spend our time. Jairek walks us through a step by step process to do this and how to get in alignment if we're not.

We also talk at length about how to fall in love with hard work. He recounts a story of working as a logger in Canada for several months and the intensity of that experience. There are many valuable lessons he learned from that time including how to retrain our minds to enjoy difficulties.

One specific thing he shares is to check your mindset. What is your brain telling you while you're working hard? Is it telling you that you deserve something more than what you've got? Or maybe it says you're smarter than everyone else so why should you have to do this type of work? Or perhaps your mind thinks you deserve more money, more respect, etc.

Whatever those thoughts are catch them and become aware of them. When you do that, you can lower your expectations of what you think you deserve from life and raise what you bring to the table. If you really are smarter, then outwork everyone else and prove it! If you deserve more money then prove it! Along the way figure out how to make it fun. Jairek gives some examples from his time as a logger and if he can apply it to logging you can certainly apply it to your life!

Jairek gives tons of value on this episode, be sure to listen and soak it all up! Big thanks to him for being here and thanks to all of you for joining us. We'll see you next time on The Art of Charm.


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