374: Simple Pickup (Jesse and Kong) | What 'Pickup' Skills Teach About Value


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Having pickup skills translates to every part of life.

"You've got to just give value to the world without expecting something in return."-Simple Pickup

The Cheat Sheet:
  • How is Simple Pickup different than other pickup approaches?
  • What was their "kissing controversy" really all about?
  • How they teach men to create change in their lives: where does the power really lie?
  • What they want to teach you about your ego and how not to be douchebag.
  • How knowing what you don't want can be incredibly valuable.
  • And so much more...

If a guy wearing a Harry Potter costume can pick up a girl, so can you. That's one of the messages our guests for today share with their successful business, Simple Pickup.

Jesse and Kong join us to talk about why their brand of pickup is different, why it's not what you think and how Simple Pickup's techniques carry over into every aspect of your life. All of that and more on episode 374 of The Art of Charm.

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More About This Show:

Jesse and Kong are, by most accounts, fairly ordinary guys. But on their YouTube channel for Simple Pickup they provide tons of entertaining and valuable content on the ever-popular topic of picking up girls.

They have several hundred videos on their channel in which they attempt to chat up girls while doing wacky things from dressing up like Harry Potter to rollerskating while wearing a Speedo (and nothing else). While the videos are meant to provide laughs and good fun for everyone, they are also meant to show that regular guys they can pick up girls too.

On today's episode we dive into their backgrounds and how their social anxiety played a key role in who they've become today as well as some useful techniques you can implement in your every day life.

Both Jesse and Kong were not gregarious and outgoing guys by any stretch. They were painfully shy growing up and into early adulthood. In other words they understand where you may have been and where you might be right now. It's one of the reasons they make their videos silly and playful: to help you loosen up about the idea of chatting up women.

Doing so, making yourself laugh and lighten up before doing anything you perceive as "high pressure" like talking to a pretty girl, is one of their suggestions.

Whether you want to approach an attractive woman or you're going into an interview for the job of your dreams, they suggest doing something you enjoy and have fun doing to take the pressure off. If you can make yourself laugh you'll help your mind see the "high pressure" situation as much less so.

Another suggestion they have on the topic of talking to women is to take baby steps. Start by talking to people in your every day life. Who do you see every day but don't chat with or haven't gotten to know?

For example if you have a regular barista you see in the morning ask that person what their favorite drink is and then try it.You'll be surprised by how good it feels to simply talk to strangers, and it'll help your game with the ladies too because you'll be much more versed in the art of creating connection.

They give more advice and suggestions on today's show, but they want to be sure to leave you with their motto: Always be giving value, always be having fun! Have a listen to hear all of that and more, then join me in thanking Simple Pickup for being on the show today. And thanks to you for joining us. We'll see you next time on The Art of Charm.


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