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Extroverts aren't always the best networkers.

"Business savvy comes down to being able to sustainably and effectively get done whatever it is you want to get done."-Danny Iny

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  • Can you fake being a good networker?
  • Why not answering your emails promptly will be detrimental to your success.
  • What do skyhooks and cranes have to do with building a network? Danny explains.
  • Creating your Genius Network: what it is and how to do it.
  • The post-it note trick to making you a more effective networker.
  • And so much more...

Networking is something we talk about a lot on this show, and for good reason. You can be great at your job, have an amazing skill set and talent but if you aren't developing quality relationships and looking for opportunities to grow yourself, your role or your business you won't succeed.

Joining us today to share how his introverted approach to getting ahead and creating engagement from scratch is Danny Iny. Danny is the man behind Firepole Marketing and the author of Engagement From Scratch. We chat about all of that and much more on episode 368 of The Art of Charm.

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More About This Show:

A common excuse for not networking is being an introvert. Danny dispels that myth, rather effectively on this show. First he explains what an introvert is, versus an extrovert. An introvert is someone who is drained by being around people. They aren't necessarily shy, they simply don't get energy from being with others.

An extrovert, on the other hand, does become energized by being around people. They are the people who want to go to the after party after a great party is over. An introvert will be ready to go home.

Danny calls himself an introvert and has learned how to become a great networker regardless. He's learned networking is a skill set that anyone can develop no matter if they are introverted or extroverted. He has found through practice and discipline he can strong, healthy networks.

And those are two things that creates a great networker: someone who practices and discipline. Perhaps extroverts are naturally better at networking, but an introvert can become great at it through discipline and practice. Often they will become better than extroverts because they have to work at it, and an extrovert may think they don't.

One of the approaches to being a great networker that Danny has learned is to focus on the person in front of you. It may sound cliche but he likens it to building a very large crane. Take the small crane (the person in front of you) and leverage it to build a larger crane. Take that next larger crane and use it to build an even bigger crane, and so on.

But before you head off to your next event thinking you need to focus on one person and finding out what they can do for you, Danny reminds us to build that connection and relationship with the intent of finding out what YOU can do for them.

You've got to trust the process of connecting and relationship building knowing that what you give comes back to you. You may not see it immediately, you probably won't meet Richard Branson's best bud at your next outing and get an intro to him shortly after, but it will come back. And it usually does come back in spades!

Danny and I cover a lot of ground on this episode, including the post-it note trick to becoming a better networker and why getting to know 4 people well at your next event is way more beneficial than getting 12 business cards. Danny also explains how to dig your proverbial well before you're thirsty in a concrete way that you can implement now.

Have a listen to get all of that and more from today's show. Big kudos to Danny for joining us and as always, thank you for being here. We'll see you next time.


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