367: Steve Sims | How to Always Get a Yes


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First you've got to believe you'll get a "yes".

"The perfection is in the imperfection."-Steve Sims

The Cheat Sheet:
  • How to get anyone to say yes to your request.
  • What is market ugly and how does it work?
  • Creating a win-win scenario: Steve shares how he does it.
  • The three words he says you should live by.
  • How one of his clients became the shortest-term singer in the history of Journey.
  • And so much more...

Would you want the Pope to marry you at The Vatican? Or perhaps you've always wanted to have your favorite musician teach you to play guitar (or some other instrument), or some other outlandish dream.

There's one man who can make your most incredible dreams come true, his name is Steve Sims. And he joins us to talk about how to always get a yes, how he's built the most elite luxury concierge service in the world, and a heckuva lot more on episode 367 of The Art of Charm.

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More About This Show:

For a man who has arguably the most influential and successful connections in the world, Steve Sims' life didn't start with a silver spoon. He's an Irish lad born to an East London construction family with blue collar roots.

Initially he wanted to be a stockbroker so he talked his way into that world, and eventually a job in Hong Kong. He began work there on a Tuesday and was fired by the next Saturday. But that led to his work as a doorman at nightclubs where he noticed something curious: the most elite clients weren't just the stuffy old-money crowd, there were a lot of new rich people coming in the doors.

Soon he was being asked if he could connect those folks with the fanciest parties, the best hotels, events, etc. Even though he didn't often know how he could make connections for them, he said yes and made it happen!

That was 18 years ago and today he heads up a company called Bluefish, a luxury concierge service that provides whatever your heart desires.

But Steve never tells anyone he runs a concierge service, he believes what they do is so much more than that. He says he is the person who makes magic happen and if you ask about a few of the events he's helped create for others you'll see why this description is so appropriate.

On today's show Steve shares some of his trade secrets, including the 3 ways he communicates for maximum return and how he makes other people happy (which in and of itself is one of his secrets to succeeding in anything).

The 3 ways he communicates for maximum return are phoning people, writing letters (handwriting the envelope, even if the letter is typed) and answering people's emails with videos. The personal touch each of these provide show people they matter to him and that he's thinking of them. Steve's three suggestions take just a little bit of effort but they leave a lasting impression and make other people happy.

Another way he makes people happy is simply by asking them! For example if a client emails him with a request, he doesn't respond with an email. He picks up the phone and talks with them. He asks them questions about their request, like: Why is this important to you? What could we create to make you so excited you won't sleep the night before this event and will have you talking about it for years to come?

With those answers, Steve sets out on his quest to make their experience happy. But he doesn't stop with just his clients happiness, he finds ways to make the people providing the experience for his clients happy as well. He once had a hotelier who was an exceptional resource, Steve discovered this hotelier loved Maroon5 so he had the band autograph a guitar and then gave the guitar to the hotelier. You can bet that is a gift that will be treasured throughout the hotelier's lifetime!

Whether or not you run a business and have clients of your own, Steve gives examples and tips to contribute to other people in your life. He also shares many of his stories, including how he got one of his clients to sing four songs with Journey, live on stage!

You'll want to listen in to hear all the goods Steve has to share today, there are plenty! Special thanks to Steve for joining us and as always, thank you for being here. We'll see you next time.


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