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Toughness goes beyond just physical prowess.

"We like to go to the challenge before the challenge comes to us."-Mark Divine

The Cheat Sheet:
  • Why do 80% of Navy SEAL trainees fail?
  • What's the oldest personal development system known to mankind?
  • When do we grow and learn the most according to Mark?
  • What is kokoro and why is it an important part of his trainings?
  • Confirmation bias and intuition: what are the differences?
  • And so much more...

In the US we see our Navy SEALs as the most elite and effectively-trained soldiers of our country. On the show today is a former Navy SEAL Commanderin and honor-man Mark Divine.

Today on The Art of Charm Mark talks about how his background led him to develop Sealfit, a live academy and online integrative warrior training program that uses SEAL training methods to help people achieve their fullest potential. All of that and more on episode 365.

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More About This Show:

Mark wasn't just an Navy SEAL, he served for 9 years in active duty and 11 years as a reservist. He retired as a Commanderin in 2011 and was named honor-man among his Navy SEAL training class. An honor-man is someone who has shown the highest levels of integrity, leadership and teamwork during their training to become a SEAL.

He also holds black belts in several forms of martial arts, is teacher-trained in Ashtanga yoga, and later developed his own yoga style called Warrior Yoga. While all of that may be impressive, it also explains the foundation and where his Sealfit programs stem from. He blends mind and body and teaches people who are interested in this type of training to reach their full warrior potential.

Sealfit uses mental, physical, emotional, intuitive and kokoro trainings to achieve this potential. Mark says this training is meant to help the people who participate become honorable people who serve their family, their community and humanity at large.

There are a variety of programs available from a 12-month long digital offering called The Unbeatable Mind to a 50-hour non-stop program called Kokoro Camp, it's modeled after Hell Week and is for the elite athletes and pre-special operation forces trainees of the world.

There are many different tools used in all of his courses. One of the techniques we talk about in this episode is a breathing technique to control your stress levels. Mark explains it like this: to calm down or stay calm breath in through your nose and exhale through your nose you.

What happens when you do that is your breath is stimulating your diaphragm. There is a bundle of nerves there that triggers your parasympathetic nervous system, the counterpart to your sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for your fight, flight or freeze response.

Doing something as simple as taking deep breaths in and out of your nose repeatedly will calm your body, thus calming your mind. When your mind and body are calm you can focus more intently and stay alert. You can use this trick anytime you're stressed, it doesn't have to be a life or death situation! Use it before a big interview or before you ask a girl out on a date.

Mark gives us another breathing tool to use and also shares his thoughts on intuition and trusting your gut. He tells us about a few examples from his life when he did or didn't trust his instinct, and the consequences. He also explains why the most successful people in the world are the most emotionally developed, and what his programs offer in that vein.

It was fascinating to have Mark here and to listen to his stories, his personal experiences and knowledge on how to get the most out of our bodies and minds. Thanks to Mark for joining us and as always, thank you for being here. We'll see you next time.


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