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"Unless you're actually on Jeopardy, knowledge without action is useless!" - Adam Gilbert

The Cheat Sheet:
  • What's the top reason people fear losing weight?
  • Why awareness is the key to making lasting changes.
  • The broccoli test: what it is and how to use it.
  • The most common roadblocks Adam sees.
  • How to use discomfort as your compass.
  • Why you need a coach and it's amateur to think you don't.
  • And so much more...

Have you ever tried to lose weight, stop drinking, start a business and a new exercise program at the same time? Did you fail and wonder why? Health and fitness psychology expert, Adam Gilbert, would say you took on too much at one time.

There's a psychology to making changes that last and Adam is here to give us the golden nuggets on that very topic. Join us for episode 309 as we talk about the psychology of weight loss, why you sabotage yourself and others do too, why discomfort is the perfect compass and the most common roadblocks he sees with his clients.

More About This Show:

Adam Gilbert has always been fascinated by the topics of health, fitness, nutrition and psychology. And since 2007 he has made those areas his life's work. He helps people make changes in their health and fitness by understanding what's holding them back psychologically. Inherently, most of us know there is no magic pill or quick-fix to getting healthy and we know we have to eat right, exercise and take care of ourselves to be as healthy as we can be. Adam helps us understand what's in the way, psychologically, to doing so.

On the topic of weight loss, Adam believes there are a lot of psychological factors at work. Is someone afraid of losing weight because they won't fit in with their friends any more? Or perhaps their spouse or significant other doesn't support them in getting fit - their partner sabotages their weight loss efforts by making meals that don't fit their diet plan.

All of those examples have an underlying psychology to them that applies not just to weight loss, but to any area of our lives we're improving. And that psychology is fear of rejection, and fear of success. We may sabotage our efforts in an area because we don't want to lose the friendships and the partner we're comfortable with; we don't want them to reject our new "selves" so we make changes, but don't stick with them.

Adam and I discuss the specific ways to navigate these situations so we can actually be okay with making changes, being uncomfortable and helping others while we're in the process of growing and shifting. One of the most pivotal keys to doing so that Adam and I talk about is awareness. When you're aware of what's happening, you can better navigate any change.

We also dive into the related area of discomfort and how to use it as our compass. Adam believes if we truly want to become the person of our dreams, whether it's a healthy awesome body or the ideal relationship or our perfect job or business, we have to use discomfort to guide us to get there. If we continue to do what's comfortable, we'll continue to stay where we are. So in order to steer us into that new body, relationship, job or business, we have to do what's uncomfortable.

There's so much more Adam and I discuss but one of the biggest takeaways we both want you to get is this: you must take action on this knowledge. All the tricks, tips and tools we give you are pointless until you implement them. So listen to this show, get yourself a coach or accountability partner to help you and then take action!

Adam was a terrific guest and I enjoyed having him on the show, I hope you enjoy this episode as well. Be sure to check out the gift he's giving all of you, you'll find it in the Resources section below. Thanks for listening and we'll see you next time.


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