269: Noah Kagan | Building an Empire from the Ashes


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“To be in the 1% you have to do what the 99% won’t.” -Unknown

Noah Kagan got fired from Facebook...and proceeded to kick ass, again and again.

Noah Kagan of Okdork.com was a cubicle slave at Intel, #30 at Facebook (AND GOT FIRED), #4 at Mint.com and has gone on to start two 7-figure businesses, his latest is AppSumo.com.

In this entrepreneurship-oriented episode of the show, we'll discuss:

-Why scarcity mindsets hinder growth

-How networking REALLY works and why you need to do it no matter what industry you're in

-Tips from the pros on how to ‘get known’

-How to “give value” even when you think you have nothing to offer

-Digging your well before you need it

-Why it’s “all about who you know” and why this is a GOOD thing

-Why spending your time with high-quality people is crucial

-How to reverse-engineer anything and work backwards from what you want

-How to engage your creative brain and defeat creative block

-Where to start when creating and running a new business

-Finding out who has your customers

-Where to look for and acquire them for yourself

-Where to start selling and how Testing and gaining experience to master your own business.

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