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"Either you run the day or the the day runs you." - Jim Rohn

This one starts off a little scattered but gets fun and goes deep quick. Jordan and Jordan (yes, we've not doubled but SQUARED the Jordan in this one), discuss:

-What men have been led to believe women want in a relationship vs. what they actually need

-How to get and give relationship feedback in less than 5 words

-Why waiting behind self-optimization is a fallacy when it comes to finding your significant other (aka "I'll start dating again once I'm healthier/richer/etc.")

-Why investing in your love life is the greatest thing you can do for your health, wealth, and happiness

-How to open your woman sexually and emotionally

-How and why to give your partner consistent praise and appreciation.

-Why it's important to let your partner see every side of you.

-How to never stop dating your partner.

-How to cut out habits from your life that you know aren't serving you

This is a great one so grab a notepad and enjoy!

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