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by Heidi Harley - 8 years ago

444: Jason Connell | Ignited Leadership

Even if it seems like you've got the world figured out and you should be loving life, you might be among a surprising number of high-performing people who find happiness, confidence, and connection elusive. "The high performer only ever really sees...

by Heidi Harley - 8 years ago

442: Jeffrey Hayzlett | Think Big, Act Bigger

Thinking big and acting bigger means doing hard work and owning your role -- leading by example while keeping your ego in check. But the rewards make it all worthwhile. "That's what you have to start to learn about thinking big -- for any person or...

by Heidi Harley - 8 years ago

441: Ben Kovacs | Everyone is an Entrepreneur

You don't have to quit your day job in order to follow your entrepreneurial aspirations. "I live in a state of constant retirement." -Ben Kovacs The Cheat Sheet: What does the recreational fisherman know that the rich man does not? Working for...