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Language hacks aren't just for languages.

"Vulnerability is the best way to show strength, and vulnerability and respect go hand in hand."-The Art of Charm

The Cheat Sheet:
  • How he condensed four years of MIT curriculum into 12 months.
  • The new learning paradigm: Scott explains.
  • When is it most important to speak with natives of a language you're learning?
  • The two things employers look for when hiring: what are they?
  • How to get anyone to open up and let you in.
  • And so much more...

There's a skill to learning a new language and we've discussed this topic in-depth on several other shows here, but is there anything about the act and art of learning a language that can be applied to other aspects of our lives? If we don't care about learning other languages is there still value in some of the hacks people apply when becoming multi-linguistic?

Absolutely, according to Scott H Young our guest for today's show. Scott invests his days in learning how to do things more efficiently and effectively, including languages. Today he shares with us how to apply his language hacks for everyday life, and so much more on the 353rd episode of The Art of Charm.

More About This Show:

Would you ever go to a country with the vow not speak English no matter what? Not only did Scott H Young do that, he went to FOUR countries without speaking English while traveling with a friend. As you might imagine, he learned a great deal along the way and much of what he learned had little to do with language itself.

On today's show we talk about how to apply language hacks to everyday life, based on what he discovered in his pursuit of being multi-lingual. The first discovery he shares is why we'd even bother, why does it matter if we learn how to navigate differences in other people? Because all of us, even if we never travel to a foreign country, will interact or be exposed to people who are different than we are. They either live differently, think differently or run with a different crowd.

And the key to a healthier, happier and more productive life is to get along with people from all walks of life no matter how different they are from us. It's one of the most important traits employers look for in a potential new hire: will he or she fit into this culture? A great way to prove you will is to show you've assimilated or connected with people from many different backgrounds.

The fundamental way to connect, according to Scott, is to find something you respect about that culture and focus on that. Once people in that culture understand you respect why they do what they do, even if it is different from the why and how of your background, the more open and receptive they will become. Once someone is open and receptive, it's far easier to connect and build a mutually satisfying relationship where you learn and express yourselves with each other.

This doesn't have to apply to someone from a foreign country or with a different nationality, this can be applied to the various social groups you encounter. Are you a professor who has to sit down with a group of hipsters? The best way to fit in is to find something about them you respect, then look for how they operate, communicate and how they become friends. When you find all of that you'll have a much easier time connecting and fitting into their group.

Or maybe you live in a particular neighborhood and don't "get" the way people live just a few miles from you. Be willing to explore, and look for ways to understand why they do what they do. When you look for and find the "whys" of a culture, any culture, you're far more likely to accept and appreciate that group.

We also discuss why respecting someone from a different background doesn't mean we're any less confident in who we are, it isn't showing weakness to show respect for others. This is where vulnerability plays a key role. In essence vulnerability is showing the other person you respect them enough to open, and let your guard down. That gives them the opportunity to do so and allows for a much more real connection. Scott and I dive into this topic even deeper in the show.

It was a pleasure to have Scott here to chat about his experiences and the lessons he's learned, and how you can apply his wisdom to get ahead! Thank you for being here, and listening in. We'll see you next time.


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