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"When it comes to setting a date, just take the lead and guide the interaction. You'll have a lot better first dates and help yourself out with the Attraction Process." - Justin Jensen

The Cheat Sheet:
  • What's a social sales funnel and how do you use it in dating?
  • Photoshopping your Tinder pics: how, when and why.
  • How to showcase your personality on Tinder and stand out.
  • What's the first goal on Tinder?
  • Why it's good to give her your phone number.
  • How to strike while the Tinder iron is hot.
  • And so much more...

Unless you've just emerged from living under a rock, you probably know what Tinder is. It's a dating app available on smart phones that allows men and women to meet. Tinder works by allowing you to post a quick profile, using your basic information (location, age, gender) and it posts a few photos of your choice from your Facebook account. There's room to write a short bio and then you simply see pictures of women in your area. You swipe right if you like them and want to connect, left if you don't.

There are some keys to standing out among the Tinder crowd and setting yourself apart from the rest of the guys on there. Giving us the details on how to do just that are Justin Jensen of The Art of Charm and Byron, an AOC graduate. We talk about how to best showcase your personality through your photos and also how to establish rapport and connection with the ladies you want to meet. Join us to hear all of that and more on this episode.

More About This Show:

Like so many other dating opportunities out there, Tinder offers a way to meet people you might not come across during your normal daily routine. And also like other dating outlets, there are ways to stand out on Tinder that will make plenty of women notice you and want to meet you.

Two guys who have Tinder on lock, Justin and Byron, tell us a few ways you can showcase yourself as an extraordinary guy.

The first thing they recommend is creating some interesting and engaging photos. This doesn't mean get Photoshop and make yourself into a male model (although that might work for a little while). It means taking photos of you being you, and then maybe adding a silly message or a tongue-in-cheek phrase at the bottom to grab her interest. Doing so also gives her a talking point when you message her.

You want to create as much opportunity for banter as possible when you two connect on Tinder. Once your photos are up and she swipes right to say she's interested, it's up to you to open up that line of communication for the banter to begin. Don't wait for her, you've got to initiate.

Most of the women on Tinder receive plenty of messages, and that's where your witty banter and personality-based photos will help you stand out from the crowd. Once conversation has been opened, you two are communicating and bantering has been happening, then you'll want to move it along to the actual offline date. If the banter vibe is working, strike while the iron is hot and give her your number.

After she texts you, text her back to tell her you'll call to set up a date later. And then actually call her. Very few men on Tinder are actually calling the women they meet, so right there you're already a leg up.

When you call, give her a couple of different days when you are available for your date. Be sure to take the lead: set the date, pick the venue and let her know you're in the lead. You'll establish yourself as confident in her eyes. And if you mix in some humor, you've got the top two things most women are looking for in a man (confidence followed by sense of humor).

Those are just some of the tips and techniques Justin and Byron give us for mastering Tinder. Whether you're looking for first dates to hone your skills or you want to find your ideal match, they lay it all out here in this interview. Have a listen and then get to Tindering!

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